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Dimetor enables safe UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operations in a cellular radio space and creates AI + UAV applications for infrastructure survey. Our products monetize business cases for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) UAV operation.

The connectivity platform enabling beyond visual line of sight UAV operations in cellular networks

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During flight planning, AirborneRF is used to calculate where a UAV can fly safely, adhering to the rules and within the radio-space. It takes into account both national airspace control and the radio coverage delivered by the cellular network so that it can be used to reliably control the UAV within a three dimensional safety corridor.

AirborneRF is sufficiently scalable to allow for route recalculation during flight. It uses measurements collected by the UAV to update and improve its predictive models both short term, during flight, and longer term for the next flight.

The initial uses for AirborneRF are to explore business cases for using the cellular network for UAV control. That includes both current and future network configurations, technologies and frequencies.

AirborneRF can then be used to demonstrate network capabilities to companies that are considering UAV technology for a variety of beyond visual line of sight applications. They include such things as first responder reconnaissance, package delivery, infrastructure inspections and so on.

It can be used to demonstrate radio network capabilities to airspace regulators and UAV service providers.

Physical infrastructure parameter measurement powered by autonomous UAV with artificial intelligence

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One of the key problems in optimizing cellular networks is knowing the physical parameters of the infrastructure. For example, what antenna is where and which direction it is pointing in. These parameters can be very difficult to determine from the bottom of the tower and very expensive to determine by climbing the tower.

AirborneAI uses artificial intelligence, machine learning techniques and UAVs to collect data on infrastructure quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Initial applications have been in the cellular network domain and today Dimetor is working with several parties on the research required to make AirborneAI a reality.

In the future, AirborneAI will be combined with AirborneRF to use UAVs to survey a range of difficult to access infrastructure assets such as cell towers, pipelines, powerlines, mining equipment, oil wells and so on.

About Us

Dimetor brings together significant experience in the aviation, mobile network and software engineering domains to deliver highly scalable software to streamline the flight planning and control processes for UAV operations. Dimetor identified a market opportunity for mobile network operators to further exploit the ubiquitous nature of their networks in the developing commercial uses of UAVs. In particular Dimetor is focussed on the use of UAVs in beyond visual line of sight and autonomous applications. Those applications include emergency investigation, package delivery, first responder reconnaissance, infrastructure surveys and many more.

Our business team's start-up experience includes building and growing a profitable business. The development team includes doctoral level expertise in both radio and computational fields.

Our advisory connections include air traffic management/UAV traffic management (ATM/UTM) system providers and major telecommunications companies at supervisory board and C-level.

Dimetor is active in the standardisation of UAV control through membership of GUTMA, the Global UTM Association.

We are privately funded and receive additional support from the Austrian Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the Austrian Industry Service (aws).


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